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CEO’s Greeting

Dongwon Industry always comes to the customers with fresh minds.

Dongwon Industry that does the best with trust and sincerity promises you the differentiated services.

Thank you for visiting the homepage of Dongwon Industry.

Dongwon Industry, a manufacturer of industrial special fabric materials including tarpaulin, advertisement, bulletin board, geogrid, military helmet, boat, and body-armor, and yarn coating products (blind), strives to perform seamless research and development of new products
that the customers can satisfy with accumulated production experiences and technology development knowhow.

We always challenge not only domestic market but also global market to promote the products of Dongwon Industry with pioneering mind.

Based on the sincerity of all the members in the company, we will make an effort to prepare rapidly
and diversely changing market environment in a timely and active manner with R&D, quality enhancement,
happy movement of profitable scenario, and prevention movement of trial and error reoccurrences.

To grow as a top-notch company in the 21st century, Dongwon Industry will do the best with seamless efforts
to meet the expectations of the customers who support the company.

Thank you.

CEO, Dongwon Industry sign